The air is finally, well - it's almost cool and crisp, and we are serving up some cocktails that will warm you inside and out.  Grab a coveted seat on our patio, snuggle in close you’re your friends, or our heaters and try one of our new fall cocktails.

Our bartender extraordinaire Callie has a knack for making shrubs.   A shrub is a vinegar based drink that combines sugar, fruit juices, herbs and spices.  Shrubs gained popularity in colonial America as a way to preserve fruits.  They vinegar would be poured over fruit,  it would sit overnight, then the fruit would be strained out and made into a tasty beverage without the need of a refrigeration system.  

Shrubs gave gained popularity in the past several years, and Corner Kitchen has featured several shrubs on our drink menu before, but the fall-inspired shrub that Callie concocted for the new menu takes the cake.

Callie took fresh Melrose apples, cinnamon, and vanilla and batched them up with some tart and delicious apple cider vinegar and brown sugar.    We’ve paired this with Buckeye vodka, and light touch of ginger beer and serving it to you as the Apple Shrub Mule.   The vinegar is tart, the apples are tart, the vanilla is sweet, and the ginger beer adds some spice to fire up your taste buds!