In today’s restaurant scene, it’s not at all uncommon to find lamb on the menu.  If you’re enjoying a nice lamb chop, chances are that little lamby had a lengthy flight from New Zealand, was then defrosted, removed from its vacuum pack, and finally served on your plate.

At Corner Kitchen, we are lucky enough to have sourced local lamb from Ft. Loramie, Ohio.  Loramie Lamb supplies naturally raised lamb, and they control the feeding from conception to harvest, which results in the highest quality meat.

At CK, with Loramie’s ethos in mind, we get the lambs in whole and use every part from head to tail. The artisanal skill of butchering is alive and well in our Chef Jack, whose incredible talent and training ensures that nothing goes to waste.  He uses the head, shoulders, knees, and...well, you get the idea. 

What does that mean for you?  That means you get your pick of the lamb litter personally, precisely and painstakingly prepared by Chef, whether you want a chop, a rack, a leg.  We slice it and dice it every which way, tacos, club, sandwiches, pasta, and pitas - you name it, we are bringing it to you, no trans-continental flights necessary!

Don’t wait to get in here and try for yourself, these lambs are saying “bahhh-bye” in January!