We’ve all been there before, it’s Christmas Eve and it suddenly dawns on you:  you forgot to get a gift for your boss, your cousin, your neighbor…did you remember to get a gift for your mom?   The whole world slows down for a moment…It’s scramble time.  You drive around hysterically looking for the nearest open store to purchase something…anything!

This year, have no fear.  You are no longer punished for being a procrastinator.  Corner Kitchen will be open during those critical Christmas Eve hours so that you can stock up on last minute gifts.  This year, none of your almost-forgotten loved ones will have to open up a kitten calendar you got from the grocery store.  We sell gift certificates in any increment.

Stop in on Friday, December 24 from 11:00-1:00 to pick up your last minute gifts!  Cards will be available before Christmas Eve too, for the good little boys and girls who plan ahead!