Tonight Corner Kitchen is featuring a staff and customer favorite:  Halibut!

Tonight’s feature is a 6 ounce pan seared Alaskan Halibut, served in a beurre blanc sauce, with Indiana asparagus and Ed Hill’s bloody butcher polenta (the grain is red, but no butchers were harmed in the making of this dish).

Halibut is not only delicious, meaty and extremely versatile, it’s also one of the most sustainable fish in the ocean.  Halibut is a lean, flaky, but meaty white fleshed fish.  It is perhaps the largest flatfish, like flounder, fluke, sole, turbot, etc., and halibut can grow in size up to 500 pounds(!!!!).  Once overfished, halibut and its northern pacific fisheries have become a model for sustainability and how fishing seasons and quotas can protect a species' future.  This, however, gives us halibut from late spring to early autumn, so we have to enjoy it when it’s around.  (If somebody offers you halibut in January, you know it came out of the freezer). 

Sustainability is big for Corner Kitchen.  It falls right in line, no pun intended, with our mission to ensure the future of sea life that we find so delicious.  Corner Kitchen consults with the Marine Stewardship Council.  The Stewardship safeguards the fishieries that entire communities, regions, and economies depend on for their livelihood and cultural identity.   This means that you can eat the halibut tonight guilt free (if you aren’t counting the butter, of course)!