Spring is here, and for the ladies behind the Corner Kitchen bar, that means just one thing: GIN! 

We hear it more often than not: “I can’t drink gin.”  Often times it’s because someone had a bad night in college with a bottle of Boodles, or they think it tastes like Christmas in a glass.  But pine and juniper aren’t the only flavor profiles coming out of gin bottles these days.  In the past hundred years gin has seen a lot of changes.  Hendricks gin, which has recently gained popularity, derives most of its flavor from cucumber, not juniper berries.  The cucumber offers a crisp, and refreshing flavor, and makes one kick-ass martini.   Another gin to keep your eye out for is Watershed Four-Peel Gin from Columbus, Ohio.   This gin offers lots of interesting botanical and citrus notes, like orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit.    The Four-Peel gin makes an appearance on lots of Corner Kitchen’s cocktails this season, like the Pinky and the Rosemary Fog.*

Both of these drinks serve up lots of a bright citrus flavor, and an herbaceous punch!  We hope you come in and give these, or any of the other great drinks on the menu a try.  And if that wicked college hangover is still rearing its ugly head, have no fear…we will gladly substitute the gin for vodka!



*Voted staff favorite!