A new season is here, and it’s time to swoon over our new menu items. Check out a few reasons to fall in love with Corner Kitchen’s Fall Menu:

The Meatloaf is Back, Baby!

You begged and pleaded and we listened: The Meatloaf is back. We know, we know, no one’s is as good as your mom’s, but Chef Jack’s is a close second. This hearty dish is just what you’ve been craving on these crisp fall days.


Don’t Call it a Comeback

Speaking of bringing back some favorites, you’ll spot some oldies, but goodies back on the menu. The fried bologna sandwich will make all of your nostalgic dreams come true. House-made bologna, white American cheese, shallots, pickles on a challah bun. Your bologna has a first name and it’s C-O-R-N-E-R.


The fried chicken is back too, this dish is perfect for anyone with a big appetite. Ed Hill chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, the veg of the moment, oh, and don’t forget that sinfully delicious mac and cheese because one plate of food just isn’t enough.


Got Your Goat

Every menu cycle offers up a different take on a taco - but this one we think is the Greatest of All Time (see what we did there?) Chef is gettin’ goats from local farmer Paul Hunter. They are butchered in house and all that delicious meat is served on corn tortillas (did you hear that my gluten free friends?!) with habanero aioli, shaved red cabbage, papaya salsa, and queso fresco. Goat is not something you see on the menu every day, but definitely something you’ll want again and again.

Crustacean Kitchen

We have two words for you, and we’re not sure we need to say more (but we are going to, because, who are we kidding?) LOBSTER RAVIOLI. This is not just any lobster ravioli though, our friends over at GRIST are making the pasta and chef is serving it up a lobster sherry cream sauce and salmon roe. See - spectacular things happen when Culinary Institute of America grads work together!


And not that monkfish are crustaceans, but we’ve also got this tasty fish on our menu—pan seared and served with a potato cake, arugula, and a warm mustard bacon vinaigrette. And speaking of great chef’s in town - see what one of our favorites had to say about this dish!


Duck, Duck...Drool

Duck is a protein that shines in any preparation, and this one will having yous skipping in delight...or maybe licking the plate. Pan seared duck breast served with a cherry compote, accompanied by a warm potato and leek salad, and braised brussel sprouts. These happy little ducks are locally sourced and utterly scrumptious. Grab yourself a nice glass of red wine and fall in love with duck.


These are just the highlights, there are loads of deliciously satisfying dishes to try on this year’s fall menu. If you’re gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan (our new vegan entrée is Polenta & Roasted Mushroom Ragout with oyster & shiitake mushroom and tomato—the “bloody butcher” polenta is grown and milled by Hill Family Farms in Xenia ) there are plenty of dishes for you to fall for too!

Book your reservation now, we’d love to serve you and watch you fall for our food!